The maker of the Assassin’s Creed games will donate €500,000 ($565,000; £433,000) to the reconstruction of the fire-damaged Cathedral of Notre-Dame.

A digital version of the building, which featured in its 2014 release Assassin’s Creed Unity, was modelled over a period of 14 months.

The company told the BBC that it would share the design with the French authorities, if requested.

“We would be happy to help,” a spokesman told the BBC.

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The company – which is headquartered near Paris – has, however noted, that the in-game representation of the structure was elaborate but not 100% accurate.

“While we wanted to be very precise with details, there are some differences in terms of scale and with some elements, ” a spokeswoman told the BBC.

“That being said, we would be more than happy to lend our expertise in any way that we can to help with these efforts.”

More to follow

This story was originally published on BBC Technology News

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