Leased Lines

Our Leased Lines provide ultimate scalability with bandwidth options from 1 Mbps up to 1Gbps on a single Fibre Access Circuit, this premium product can be provided up to 35Km between your office and the nearest network Point of Presence (PoP) with no degradation in bandwidth. Our Ethernet service covers over 90% of UK business premises using only best of breed components and suppliers to deliver optimum traffic performance.

When downtime is not an option, our teams can assist with specifying a fully resilient implementation using dual circuits along fully diverse paths. In such a scenario our included managed routers will be configured to handle automatic failover between circuits, as with all Leased Lines our Network Operations Centre (NOC) will monitor your circuits 24/7.

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  • Security – a Leased Line is dedicated to you and does not share capacity with other users, we can boost your network defences further with a state of the art managed Unified Threat Management firewall
  • Flexibility – adapt quickly to changing business needs by upgrading bandwidth at short notice, you can increase capacity as your business grows, only paying for the bandwidth you require
  • Reliability – our numerous industry awards reflect the dedication we apply to providing the best possible customer experience for all our services. We only supply products that have passed our stringent ‘fit for purpose’ testing
  • 24/7 Support – our industry leading technical support is available anytime to respond to your enquiries
  • 4 hour onsite support – in the event of a managed router fault, we will dispatch an engineer to swap out the defective hardware within 4 hours
  • Future Proof – our Leased Line products are inherently scalable and utilise the latest connectivity technologies, they are suitable for providing access to Internet based business applications or converged Voice, Data or Video solutions on a Private Line or IP VPN

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