It’s the new year and nearly time to pack up the Christmas decorations for another year. It’s a great time to take a fresh look at your IT support requirements.
Maybe you already have an IT support company? You may have been with them for years – but ask yourself the question –

“Am I getting value for money?”.

If you had to think about the answer to that – you might consider looking at what we can offer. It doesn’t always come down to the price you are paying – after all, you can use the cheapest IT support company in the country, but it’s useless if you can never get hold of them or if they are incapable of looking after your needs.

It also may be that you have outgrown your IT support company. When you started out in business, the “bloke down the road” might have been the most cost effective solution for you – but what about now? Does he really still have the expertise needed to help your business grow or are you being held back (technically) by what he is comfortable with? You may have asked things like “Would upgrading our server to x help us”. Is the advice they have given you accurate and correct? Could it be that they are acting in their best interests instead of yours?

Maybe they have become complacent and instead of being proactive and making sure issues don’t arise, they are simply reactive and only fix things after they have gone wrong. A lot of IT issues have be completely avoided with regular routine maintenance and monitoring.

It may be that you haven’t yet used an IT support company. If this is the case, you may just see it as an unnecessary expense. Even if one of your members of staff are competent in IT and you leave it to them to look after, here are some reasons you should think again:

  • You probably employed the staff member not to be looking after your computers. Having the member of staff look after your computers is stopping them doing the job you employed them to.
  • Should you trust the security of your data such as payroll, your accounts and other confidential documents to a junior member of staff?
  • The member of staff may start to make demands such as pay increases etc. which you may feel compelled to comply with.
  • Can they keep up with the latest security issues needed to look after your network whilst doing their normal job?
  • What if they are off work ill, or worse still, leave the company?

By outsourcing your IT requirements with us, you get a team of experts to look after your entire IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of employing a single person.

IT issues generally mean loss of productivity and profit – can you afford to not have a good IT support contract in place? Don’t leave it too late – Contact us for an informal chat to see if we can help you.

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