We are aware of a rogue Twitter application circulating at the moment called “StalkTrack”. It is spreading via DM (direct message) or via @ mentions to your followers and people you follow.
The message will appear to come from someone you know and will be in the form of:

I love this NEW App, it shows me who "stalks" my twitter! [link]

If you click the link, take you to a page which looks like a very convicing twitter sign in page which is pretending you are not signed in and asking for your login details to authorise the app. It is at this point they have full control of your Twitter The best thing to do is to delete the DM or ignore the mention. You  account – including the ability to change yoru password and email address.
They will then use your account to lure your contacts to fall for the same trick.
If you have been tricked, it’s vital you log into your twitter account asap and change your password. If you have already been locked out, follow the steps on the official Twitter website here

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