Firefox LogoIf you’re fan of Mozilla Firefox, the non-profit organization has finally released a new version of the heavily popular internet browser to the market. There are no major user interface changes or a total revamp feature set, at least for the common user. But, after using the browser for a few minutes, you might quickly notice speed improvements of about 20% according to Mozilla themselves, as well as significantly reduced memory consumption.
Nevertheless, you need to know that there’s a little chance that this allegedly “final” build is updated before it’s officially released to the public next week, yet that’s very unlikely unless major issues are discovered. While the welcome page still says “Firefox 6 Beta”, don’t be fooled, Mozilla just hasn’t updated the page yet. Go grab it, you won’t be disappointed.
Download Firefox 6 below:

  • Mac version: here.
  • Windows version: here.
  • Linux version: here.

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