We have been made aware that some people visiting Google at the moment are getting malware alerts warning that the web page is infected with “Js/Blacole.BW”.
We believe this to be a false positive being generated by a Microsoft Forefront and Microsoft Security Essentials update a short while ago and at time of writing don’t think there is any cause for concern.
Microsoft have just stated that they have removed the problem virus definition and a new virus definition update (1.119.1986.0 or greater) will be available shortly to fix the issue.
There is some discussion about it here on the Microsoft Technet forums and we will update this page with any further relevant updates.
UPDATE 08:30 15th Feb 2012:
This has now been resolved by updating your software to the latest virus definitions. The “false positive” was caused by an erroneous virus definition in update 1.119.1972.0. This was fixed in update 1.119.1988.0 which was released at approximately 3am this morning. It seems the cause if the false positive was Microsoft Forefront and Microsoft Security Essentials mistaking Google’s Valentine’s day “Doodle” as a virus.

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