Nominet member logoWe are pleased to announce that Posilan is now a direct member of Nominet, the UK domain name registry.
Becoming a Nominet member means we are also now an official registrar of .uk domain names and can register these domain names directly, rather than using any third party resellers. In turn, this also means can now offer an even quicker, more efficient and more competitively priced service to our clients.
Customers can benefit from this right away – we’ve lowered the cost of all *.uk domain names from £10+vat per two years to just £5.95+vat, making us one of the most competitively priced *.uk domain registrars in the UK.
Our new IPSTAG is POSILAN and all existing *.uk domain names will automatically be transferred over shortly. Existing customers do not have to make any changes. However, if you are transferring any new *.uk domain names to us, you should now use the new POSILAN IPSTAG instead of any others.
You can register new domain names or transfer existing ones across to us by clicking here

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