We believe in transparent, everyday pricing at Posilan, so before you think about registering a domain name with one of our competitors, take a look at the small print of how much that name will cost you after the initial period is up!

Here’s a quick price comparison* with some of our competitors based on 2 and 5 years of ownership of a .co.uk domain name:


Provider 2 years 5 years
1 & 1 IONOS £10 £40
123-Reg £9.99 £39.96
Posilan Ltd £9.90 £24.75

*price checked as correct on each competitor website on 11th April 2019.

It’s easy to get “hoodwinked” by fantastic headline special offers, especially when you add web hosting to the deal – with one, for example, charging up to 25x the initial period monthly rate you signed up for!

So if you are looking for reliable hosting with awesome UK based technical support, and no hidden pricing, take a look at our super fast web hosting and low cost domain names!

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